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Hotels in Irkutsk

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Hotel Address:13 b Karl Marx street
The "International Hotel SAYEN" is located in the heart of downtown Irkutsk. The hotel is located between Karl Marks and Gorky streets. It is just a... more

Hotel Address: 85a Gorky street, Listvyanka village, Irkutsk region
The Mayak Hotel is located 65 km away from Irkutsk on the shore of Lake Baikal, in Listvyanka village facing the main wharf. The hotel was opened in... more

Hotel Address:1 Lesnaya street, Burduguz village
"Burguduz Park Hotel" is set on a picturesque bank of Angara River, 39 km away from Irkutsk and just 26 km from the Baikal Lake. The four-storied... more

Hotel Address:295b Baikalskaya street
The Sun Hotel is located in the business part of Irkutsk next to the SibExpoCentre Exhibition Complex, 10 minutes away from the International ... more

Hotel Address:Listvyanka village, Irkutsk environs, Akademicheskaya str., 13
Baikal Hotel is located in a picturesque place, on the very bank of the Angara River. Its favorable location will enable one to absorb the city’s... more

Hotel Address:13 Akademicheskaya street, Listvyanka village, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, 664520, Russia
The Baikal Hotel Complex is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Baikal - at the very source of the Angara river in the village of... more

Hotel Address:Irkutsk region, Olkhon island, Baikal village, Baikalskaya st., 11
Baikal Hotel, location: ... more

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