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Hotels in Irkutsk

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Hotel Address:43 Rzhanov street
"U Istoka Hotel" is set just off Irkutsk city exit, on the road to Baykal Lake. The hotel's convenient location allows guests to reach the city... more

Hotel Address:5 Igoshin street
Vega Hotel is situated in the green area of Studgorodok in the city of Irkutsk. Hotel building stands on the left bank of Angara River not far from... more

Hotel Address:1zh Yadrintsev street
The "Zvezda" hotel is a cozy hotel hidden among the trees and situated in an ecologically clean area aside from noisy motorways, but not far from the... more

Hotel Address:21st km Baykalsky highway
Elochka Camping Hotel, location: City centre - 23 km from the city center... more

Hotel Address:31 Sofia Perovskaya street
The "Matreshka" Hotel is conveniently located in the central part of Irkutsk and has good transport connection with all the city areas. The central... more

Hotel Address:4A/5 Marshal Zhukov avenue
The Na Volne Hotel occupies a new building in the Solnechniy microdistrict of Irkutsk. The hotel is conveniently located near to the city centre and... more

Hotel Address:6 Shiryamov street
Vozdushnaya Gavan, location: City centre - 5 km from the city center... more

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